Today we have some new pics of the Skitarii Rangers with Stygian VIII pattern.

We are very happy as the models really are looking dark-sinister and very agressive, and that’s the way we want them.

At this point we have paint the highlights of the red areas, the grey areas and most of the black highlights, wich only rest the final highlights on the most prominent areas.

Now we’ll begin with the work of all the details, weapons, and finally we will incorporate the decals, paint on them for get the Stygian VIII icon, that will give them an absolute personalized look.

On this case we’ll show some pics of some legs and some complete bodies with a little more light than usual to show better the paintjob we have done untill now, and a last pics with the real light that would show how the models really are.

A sample of legs. The grey trousers, the red armour, and the metal parts have been finished at this point. The black wire is unfinished, because in some models we’ll do a black/yellow pattern.

The other side of the legs. We want to show this side as is an area that mostly would be cover by the coat of the models.

This is one of our favourite models of the Skitarii Rangers as we love the jezzail it have. Despite the model is unfinished it looks really dark, wich was from the first time our objective.

As all the other samples, this one have a higher light level than usual for displaying purpose, in order to show the detailed paintjob of the miniature.

On this side you could see the great contrast with the black-red pattern, something that we really like on these dark models.

This is the real way they are looking by now. If you want to see those models on a bigger way we have published them on our facebook Thirteen Ravens Studio.

Sooner we will have this project completely finished and you could enjoy the way they will look not only here on our blog, but on our website, on our galley section.

Good Hunting!!