Today I’ll show a conversion we did for a customer of us that really likes the Ravenwing Black Knights models.

We painted 6 Black Knights before he ask to us for a converted Librarian and 2 more Black Knights to complete the squad, so we begin the work of desing, and tell some ideas to our customer so the model fits not only with the army, but with his expectations.

Finally we took the core of the Champion (body and bike), one head of the Deathwing Knights, and the maze of the DA veterans set.

In order to personalize it we add some green stuff like a horned skull on his left wrist, another horned skull with 3 keys on his right shoulder, and a chained book holded by the winged statues.

The models with the basic work done, assembled and basic color painted.

We also decided sculpt a green stuff rock on the Librarian’s base.

Same for the Knights bodies.

A simple work for a great personalization.

Despite the fact that we always paint the inner robe on red, currently we decided to paint this on a golden ochre, as the Librarians wears yellow clothes, so the bone colored robe as any veteran of the DA, and the featured blue armour for this kind of character.

I really like this Deathwing head, as only show the middle of the face, getting the model a halo of scary mistery. We were very gratefull as the model have a robe, as the armour and the power maze are blue colored both of them, so we could rip off with the natural, and ochre colors of the robe.

The ravenwing icons were also bone colored.

Same as above.

And this is the way the Librarian finally looks.

Other view of the model.

And this is the way the squad looks.

If you want to see more detailed pics you could visit our gallery on our website.

We hope you will enjoy these models.

Good Hunting!!!