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We have created this blog to show you our painting job. Every day we try to make it better,with the only illusion of delight you. If so, please like us. Thank you.

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Space Wolves – Bran Redmaw Great company models – II

Work in progress Posted on Jul 11, 2015 23:08

Following with the Bran’s Great company I will show you some of the scouts, with some pelts I did with green stuff.

All are in progress, because we want to give them a real savage aspect, so we have to work a little more on this.

Some of the models have the rifles converted, based on bolter models instead of those like laser rifles they usually wear.

We used the cloacks as a base for the green stuff on the models that have one, but on the other models we try to do piezes of fur on the belts, or over the shoulders, as well as on ankles, and wrists.

The first model of this line is being converted with a cloack made of an entire wolf fur, head included. The third is a conversion based on the Sgt Telion.

Same as above.

In addition to the scout we have decide to upload some pics of the Long fangs, and 2 models that could be work fine as lone wolf, like as Lord Wolf.

Those are a variety of the Long fangs we are working on. As you could see, we have put a banner over the Long fang with the heavy bolter, intead of the Sgt, that is a model with a plasma gun, and have the devastators back pack instead of the power pack.

Those lastest models are being converted as Lone wolf, or either Lord Wolf.

Sooner we could upload new pics of those modes, but what we really want to upload ASAP is the Land Raider model we are working on.

Good Hunting!!!

Adeptus Mechanicum – Skitarii Rangers – II

Work in progress Posted on Jul 11, 2015 22:47

After the black basecoat and the dry brush with metallic grey (vmc) and runefang steel (GW) I begin the base of the rest fo the model colors.

As I’m painting some rangers from Stygian VIII forgeworld I have paint the armour with red hull (VMC), the cloths with mechanicum standard grey, and the cloack with black (Americana should be enough matt, but vallejo Arte Deco will be fine too).

After all the basic colors have been painted I washed all the models with agrax earthshade (GW), and when dry, nuln oil (GW). Then I took runefang steel and mixed it with water 1:1, in order to give some thin layers on the metallic areas.

Those are the models I’m working on.

I will be taken pics of the entire groups, but for show the WIP better I’ll take at least one or two models alone, as they looks bigger.
On this step the models is so dark than have no much definition, but on following post, when I will paint the highlights it should be more clear.

Good Hunting!!!