Today I want to show some objective bases based on the Dark Angels background.

I did them for a good customer of the studio that trust on us since more than two years ago.

We talked about some ideas for the bases, something like a shrine, some stuff like weapons and boxes, maybe a standard, and what I think is the best choice, a fallen, simple but with a dramatical effect, again, because of the background.

Finally, I decied to do the fallen, the shrine and the wargear stuff.

I used the Watcher in the Dark not as a bearer of a perfidious relic, but a caliban sword or something like that. Also I get the winged models of the Ravenwing Black Knights for assemble on the back of the champion’s bike in order to hold a winged helmet, giving the scene as it would be a little shrine with two DA’s relics.
All those objective bases are 40 mm ones.

A Fallen, amazing for his simplicity, no mutations, no chaos marks. I tried to assemble the older power armour model I could with the GW stuff I had, but I wanted to arm him with two great weapons, as the fallens have had enough time for get the finest along the centuries. The ground is a red mars scheme pattern ordered by the customer for his entire DA army.

I have detailed the shrine above, but the ground on this case (instead of the other two bases) has done as cobble stones.

On this base I tried to get some varied wargear stuff, like on a DA battlefield, based on the red mars scheme pattern of the army of the customer.

Currently I’m working on other three Blood Angels, and three Space Wolves objective bases for same customer, and parallel I’m working on other based on a 60 mm base, that I hope could upload really sooner.

For more pics of the objective bases visit our gallery and our website

I hope you’ll enjoy those models.

Good hunting!!!