We are currently working on some models based on the Great company of Bran Redmaw, and a grey like pre-heresy scheme, instead of the blue grey that currently is used for paint SW.

Untill now we are working on the following models:

– Converted Bran: We have based this model on the body of Gabriel Seth of the FT, have done a chain axe with bits of the chain axe of the berserkers of Khorne, and a power axe of the SW. His left arm is armed with a lightning claw. We have done the hair and the beard with green stuff, and are trying to assemble some SW skulls or pelts. The customer is still thinking if he want it on High or Display quality, so I’ll post some pics of the model when I can.

– Wolf Guard pack: 5 Terminators, equiped with a variety of weapons, emphasizing the melee ones.

– Land raider: Only assembled, and waiting for personalizing.

– Blood Claws pack: 13 Blood claws with melee weapons (some of the berserkers of khorne, others of the SW), 6 Blood claws with special weapons (to choose on each battle how to complete the pack), and 1 model of Lukas the trickster. As this one was the first model we begin to paint is very advanced, so I’ll try to post some pics in a couple of days.

– Drop pod: Assembled and waiting for the personalizing.

After that, we will continue with 2 Grey Hunters packs, 5 Wolf Guards with power armour, and a pair of lightning claws, and a huge Long Fans pack with at least 2 models of each heavy weapon with a sargent.

Good Hunting!!!