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We have created this blog to show you our painting job. Every day we try to make it better,with the only illusion of delight you. If so, please like us. Thank you.

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Adeptus Mechanicum – Skitarii Rangers – III

Work in progress Posted on Aug 12, 2015 18:41

Today we have some new pics of the Skitarii Rangers with Stygian VIII pattern.

We are very happy as the models really are looking dark-sinister and very agressive, and that’s the way we want them.

At this point we have paint the highlights of the red areas, the grey areas and most of the black highlights, wich only rest the final highlights on the most prominent areas.

Now we’ll begin with the work of all the details, weapons, and finally we will incorporate the decals, paint on them for get the Stygian VIII icon, that will give them an absolute personalized look.

On this case we’ll show some pics of some legs and some complete bodies with a little more light than usual to show better the paintjob we have done untill now, and a last pics with the real light that would show how the models really are.

A sample of legs. The grey trousers, the red armour, and the metal parts have been finished at this point. The black wire is unfinished, because in some models we’ll do a black/yellow pattern.

The other side of the legs. We want to show this side as is an area that mostly would be cover by the coat of the models.

This is one of our favourite models of the Skitarii Rangers as we love the jezzail it have. Despite the model is unfinished it looks really dark, wich was from the first time our objective.

As all the other samples, this one have a higher light level than usual for displaying purpose, in order to show the detailed paintjob of the miniature.

On this side you could see the great contrast with the black-red pattern, something that we really like on these dark models.

This is the real way they are looking by now. If you want to see those models on a bigger way we have published them on our facebook Thirteen Ravens Studio.

Sooner we will have this project completely finished and you could enjoy the way they will look not only here on our blog, but on our website, on our galley section.

Good Hunting!!

Converted Ravenwing Black Knights Librarian

Conversions Posted on Jul 16, 2015 19:28


Today I’ll show a conversion we did for a customer of us that really likes the Ravenwing Black Knights models.

We painted 6 Black Knights before he ask to us for a converted Librarian and 2 more Black Knights to complete the squad, so we begin the work of desing, and tell some ideas to our customer so the model fits not only with the army, but with his expectations.

Finally we took the core of the Champion (body and bike), one head of the Deathwing Knights, and the maze of the DA veterans set.

In order to personalize it we add some green stuff like a horned skull on his left wrist, another horned skull with 3 keys on his right shoulder, and a chained book holded by the winged statues.

The models with the basic work done, assembled and basic color painted.

We also decided sculpt a green stuff rock on the Librarian’s base.

Same for the Knights bodies.

A simple work for a great personalization.

Despite the fact that we always paint the inner robe on red, currently we decided to paint this on a golden ochre, as the Librarians wears yellow clothes, so the bone colored robe as any veteran of the DA, and the featured blue armour for this kind of character.

I really like this Deathwing head, as only show the middle of the face, getting the model a halo of scary mistery. We were very gratefull as the model have a robe, as the armour and the power maze are blue colored both of them, so we could rip off with the natural, and ochre colors of the robe.

The ravenwing icons were also bone colored.

Same as above.

And this is the way the Librarian finally looks.

Other view of the model.

And this is the way the squad looks.

If you want to see more detailed pics you could visit our gallery on our website.

We hope you will enjoy these models.

Good Hunting!!!

Space Wolves – Bran Redmaw Great company models – II

Work in progress Posted on Jul 11, 2015 23:08

Following with the Bran’s Great company I will show you some of the scouts, with some pelts I did with green stuff.

All are in progress, because we want to give them a real savage aspect, so we have to work a little more on this.

Some of the models have the rifles converted, based on bolter models instead of those like laser rifles they usually wear.

We used the cloacks as a base for the green stuff on the models that have one, but on the other models we try to do piezes of fur on the belts, or over the shoulders, as well as on ankles, and wrists.

The first model of this line is being converted with a cloack made of an entire wolf fur, head included. The third is a conversion based on the Sgt Telion.

Same as above.

In addition to the scout we have decide to upload some pics of the Long fangs, and 2 models that could be work fine as lone wolf, like as Lord Wolf.

Those are a variety of the Long fangs we are working on. As you could see, we have put a banner over the Long fang with the heavy bolter, intead of the Sgt, that is a model with a plasma gun, and have the devastators back pack instead of the power pack.

Those lastest models are being converted as Lone wolf, or either Lord Wolf.

Sooner we could upload new pics of those modes, but what we really want to upload ASAP is the Land Raider model we are working on.

Good Hunting!!!

Adeptus Mechanicum – Skitarii Rangers – II

Work in progress Posted on Jul 11, 2015 22:47

After the black basecoat and the dry brush with metallic grey (vmc) and runefang steel (GW) I begin the base of the rest fo the model colors.

As I’m painting some rangers from Stygian VIII forgeworld I have paint the armour with red hull (VMC), the cloths with mechanicum standard grey, and the cloack with black (Americana should be enough matt, but vallejo Arte Deco will be fine too).

After all the basic colors have been painted I washed all the models with agrax earthshade (GW), and when dry, nuln oil (GW). Then I took runefang steel and mixed it with water 1:1, in order to give some thin layers on the metallic areas.

Those are the models I’m working on.

I will be taken pics of the entire groups, but for show the WIP better I’ll take at least one or two models alone, as they looks bigger.
On this step the models is so dark than have no much definition, but on following post, when I will paint the highlights it should be more clear.

Good Hunting!!!

Dark Angels objective bases

Objetive markers Posted on Jun 28, 2015 23:20

Today I want to show some objective bases based on the Dark Angels background.

I did them for a good customer of the studio that trust on us since more than two years ago.

We talked about some ideas for the bases, something like a shrine, some stuff like weapons and boxes, maybe a standard, and what I think is the best choice, a fallen, simple but with a dramatical effect, again, because of the background.

Finally, I decied to do the fallen, the shrine and the wargear stuff.

I used the Watcher in the Dark not as a bearer of a perfidious relic, but a caliban sword or something like that. Also I get the winged models of the Ravenwing Black Knights for assemble on the back of the champion’s bike in order to hold a winged helmet, giving the scene as it would be a little shrine with two DA’s relics.
All those objective bases are 40 mm ones.

A Fallen, amazing for his simplicity, no mutations, no chaos marks. I tried to assemble the older power armour model I could with the GW stuff I had, but I wanted to arm him with two great weapons, as the fallens have had enough time for get the finest along the centuries. The ground is a red mars scheme pattern ordered by the customer for his entire DA army.

I have detailed the shrine above, but the ground on this case (instead of the other two bases) has done as cobble stones.

On this base I tried to get some varied wargear stuff, like on a DA battlefield, based on the red mars scheme pattern of the army of the customer.

Currently I’m working on other three Blood Angels, and three Space Wolves objective bases for same customer, and parallel I’m working on other based on a 60 mm base, that I hope could upload really sooner.

For more pics of the objective bases visit our gallery and our website

I hope you’ll enjoy those models.

Good hunting!!!

Quality samples

Updates Posted on Jun 22, 2015 23:31

Lately we have found some really old marines, not RT ones, but the models of the BA vs Orks released around 20 years ago. So we will begin to work on them with the scheme color of some SM chapters to show the differances between one quality and other of our range.

We’ll try to do it with different chapters, companies, and bases for get a good base for compare.

I suposse we will post them as a WIP when we begin the work on them untill they will be finish.

Good hunting!!!

Space Wolves – Bran Redmaw Great company models

Work in progress Posted on Jun 22, 2015 23:24

We are currently working on some models based on the Great company of Bran Redmaw, and a grey like pre-heresy scheme, instead of the blue grey that currently is used for paint SW.

Untill now we are working on the following models:

– Converted Bran: We have based this model on the body of Gabriel Seth of the FT, have done a chain axe with bits of the chain axe of the berserkers of Khorne, and a power axe of the SW. His left arm is armed with a lightning claw. We have done the hair and the beard with green stuff, and are trying to assemble some SW skulls or pelts. The customer is still thinking if he want it on High or Display quality, so I’ll post some pics of the model when I can.

– Wolf Guard pack: 5 Terminators, equiped with a variety of weapons, emphasizing the melee ones.

– Land raider: Only assembled, and waiting for personalizing.

– Blood Claws pack: 13 Blood claws with melee weapons (some of the berserkers of khorne, others of the SW), 6 Blood claws with special weapons (to choose on each battle how to complete the pack), and 1 model of Lukas the trickster. As this one was the first model we begin to paint is very advanced, so I’ll try to post some pics in a couple of days.

– Drop pod: Assembled and waiting for the personalizing.

After that, we will continue with 2 Grey Hunters packs, 5 Wolf Guards with power armour, and a pair of lightning claws, and a huge Long Fans pack with at least 2 models of each heavy weapon with a sargent.

Good Hunting!!!

Adeptus Mechanicum – Skitarii Rangers

Work in progress Posted on Jun 22, 2015 22:54

We want to begin the blog with a step by step of the Mechanicum Skitarii Rangers, that are a WIP models we are currently working on.

Those are amazing models with all those metal parts, wires and so on, but also have a recon look with those hooded coats.

As we going on with this project we’ll posting updates of the WIP up to the end of the work.

This would be the way we want to show most of our painting work, as far as possible, since we are always working on commissions, and we want our customers have their models ASAP.

I hope you’ll enjoy the WIP step by step of those and other models.

Good Hunting!!!!